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Storytime: Flowers and Garden


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Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
Plant the Tiny Seed by Christie Matheson
My Garden by Kevin Henkes
Lola Plants a Garden by Anna McQuinn
What Does Bunny See by Linda Sue park
Flower Garden by Eve Bunting

There are a lot of great books about flowers and gardens out there and it is a perfect theme for Spring or Summer. I did this one in late Spring, even though I'm just getting to posting it now. Plant the Tiny Seed is a fantastic interactive book if you have a small group, though it may not work as well for a larger audience. It was my favorite of the book selections for sure. I used What Does Bunny See in my bunny storytime too, but I brought it back for some of my groups who hadn't read it the first time around.

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Songs and Rhymes

Action Song: “The Seed”

(Tune: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

I'm a little planted seed
See the rain falling on me
Sun shines down through the trees
These are things I need indeed.
Oh, how happy they make me.
I'm a little growing seed.

Action Song: ‘Flowers Growing”

(Tune: Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush)

Have your children lay on the floor and curl up into balls.
Have them pretend they are tiny seeds buried in the ground.

This is the way we sprout our roots,
Sprout our roots, sprout our roots.
This is the way we sprout our roots,
When spring time is here.

This is the way we pop through the dirt,
Pop through the dirt, pop through the dirt.
This is the way we pop through the dirt
When spring time is here.

This is the way we stretch and grow.
This is the way we shoot up so tall.
This is the way we open our buds.
This is the way we bend in the breeze.
This is the way we smile at the sun.

Action Song: The Gardener Plants the Seeds

(Tune: The Farmer in the Dell)

The gardener plants the seeds.
The gardener plants the seeds.
High ho the derry oh,
The gardener plants the seeds.
2nd verse: The rain falls on the ground.
3rd verse: The sun shines bright and warm.
4th verse: The seeds begin to grow.
5th verse: Flowers grow everywhere.

Source: Can Teach

Action Rhyme: “Dig a Little Hole”

Dig a little hole,
(pretend to dig)
Plant a little seed,
(pretend to plant)
Pour a little water,
(pretend to water)
Pull a little weed
(pretend to weed)
Chase a little bug
(shoo with hands)
There he goes!
(wiggle finger away)
Give a little sunshine
(arms circle overhead)
Grow a little rose
(pretend to hold flower and smell)

Source: Found in index of rhymes kept by the former children's librarian at my workplace.

Action/Transition Rhyme: “Little Seed”

Little seed in the ground
(Crouch down on the floor, hands covering heads.)
Sitting so still
(Stay crouching.)
Little seed, will you sprout?
Yes, I will!
(Jump up.)

Flannelboards and Fingerplays

Flannelboard: “Out in the Garden”

Out in the garden
Growing in the sun
Were five pretty flowers
And I picked one!

Verses: Count down to one

Source: Mel's Desk

I don't think this flannelboard is really up to the standards of some of my previous ones, but I had to finish it quickly. I'd like to either add cute faces to these, or make five different varieties of flowers to use instead of just different colors of the same design if I use this rhyme again in the future.


This was a fairly simple craft that I pulled together last minute. Crumpled tissue paper on blue cardstock can make some pretty cute flower pictures.

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