There are so many amazing storytime blogs out there. I've gotten inspiration from many different sources. Other than with my first few posts, I also will list sources for all the extension activities I use if I didn't come up with them on my own. All of those sources are going to be great resources as well. These are some of the blogs I use as inspiration most frequently.

Storytime Blogs:

  • Felt-tastic Flannelboard Funtime: Absolutely adorable flannelboards! Keith is my flannelboard inspiration. I was never super excited about flannels until I saw these and then I fell in love and knew I had to try and make cute flannels for every storytime I do.
  • Jbrary: This is an absolutely amazing resource! Songs, rhymes, book recommendations, and videos. I can't count how many times the videos have been a life-saver when I've found some songs with great lyrics or descriptions of hand motions but wasn't quite sure how they went.
  • Storytime Katie: A wonderful resource with a huge list of different themes.
  • Sunflower Storytime: Another great source for theme ideas.

Craft Blogs:

  • Crafty Morning: A huge variety of crafts for kids. I always need help with craft ideas!
  • I Heart Crafty Things: A whole section just for paper plate crafts. They have book inspired crafts too. What's not to love?

Ukulele Resources:

  • Got A Ukulele: I've used the posts about nursery rhymes for a couple of songs that I wasn't able to find on Storytime Ukulele. Also, he has reviews of a huge number of different ukuleles which can be very helpful if you are choosing what uke to get for yourself!
  • Storytime Songs: A huge list of chord charts for popular storytime songs. These are guitar chord charts, but though the chords are played differently between the instruments, that doesn't matter when it comes to looking at the name of the chord on a chart.
  • Storytime Ukulele: A great blog for anyone who uses ukulele with their storytimes! I've used it to find many different chord charts for children's songs. 

Other Resources:

  • Baby Sign I've been trying to incorporate more sign language into my storytimes and this site is a great resource for signs to use with babies and children.
  • KCLS Tell Me A Story: An extensive list of rhymes and songs for different themes with videos of all of them.
  • Kid'n'Kaboodle: The website might look straight out of the 90s, but there are some great themed song and craft ideas, especially for holidays.
  • Singing Games for Children: The website is a little hard to navigate, but there are a wealth of songs with sheet music and videos for all kinds of different themes.

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