I am very much a beginner when it comes to playing ukulele, but I am happy to share what knowledge I do have with anyone else who wants to start playing ukulele for their storytimes. I would encourage anyone who is curious about ukulele to pick one up and try it. I've been having so much fun with mine and it makes a great addition to your storytime repertoire.

This page consolidates all my ukulele posts in one place so you can easily find what you ware looking for!

  • Beginner's Guide: Information on choosing a ukulele and getting started with playing.
  • Circulating Ukulele Collections: (Coming Soon!) Information on how to start a circulating collection of ukuleles at your library.

Chord Charts

  • Oscar Schmidt OU250BELL (Coming Soon!)
  • Oscar Schmidt OU5 (Coming Soon!)
  • Outdoor Ukulele (Coming Soon!)

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