Monday, September 11, 2017

Flannelboard: Flowers

If I come up with more rhymes and songs to go with this set, the post will be updated to reflect that. If you have ideas for other ways to use the set, please share!


I used this for my flowers and garden storytime. I am honestly not terribly thrilled with how this board turned out, but I had less time to make it than with many of my previous boards. I would like to at least add cute faces to these if I use it again, but what I'd really prefer is a flannelboard with five different types of flowers! I'm thinking rose, tulip, daffodil, delphinium, and iris. I can definitely see myself using a flower themed board again in the future, so I may update this board at that point in time.

Songs, Rhymes, Games, and Fingerplays

“Out in the Garden”

Out in the garden
Growing in the sun
Were five pretty flowers
And I picked one!

Verses: Count down to one

Source: Mel's Desk

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