Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Flannelboard: Books and Bookworm

If I come up with more rhymes and songs to go with this flannel set, the post will be edited to reflect that. If you have other ideas for ways to use this set, please share!


The books for this flannelboard are based classic Penguin Book covers. I doubt any of the children got the reference, and I'm not even sure the parents would get it, but it made me happy and you should definitely make things that make you happy too! It makes the creation process that much more fun. The bookworm was actually and afterthought, but I'm so glad I made him because it makes the flannelboard much more versatile since it can now be used for both counting rhymes and a hiding game! I used this flannelboard for my library themed storytime and my school storytime.

Rhymes, Songs, Games, and Fingerplays

“Down Around the Corner at the Library”

(Tune: Down Around the Corner at the Bakery Shop)

Down around the corner at the library,
There are five little books as great as can be,
Along comes a patron with his/her library card
He/She checks out one book; it’s not very hard!

Verses: Four, Three, Two, One

“Down in the Classroom”

(Tune: Down Around the Corner)

Down in the classroom on my teacher’s shelf
There are five little books, I can read by myself.
When I’m bored and want something to read,
I take one book, it’s just what I need!

Verses: Count down to one

Source: I wrote this one myself!

“Where is Bookworm?”

Bookworm, bookworm, where should we look?
Are you in the (color) book?

Just like "Mouse in the House" but with colored books and a cute bookworm instead! Hide the bookworm behind one of the books when the kids aren't looking and then have them try to find him. My kids wanted to play this game again and again.


  1. Totally love the old-school Penguin Putnam books! Those are SO cute.

    1. Thank you! I love those iconic covers and I thought they were perfect for books in different colors!

  2. Hi Heather, would it be okay if I added this to my Little Mouse renditions blog post on Jbrary? Here's the post:

  3. Hello Heather,

    would you be able to share the temple for the book and worm.


    1. Hi! Sorry I didn't see this earlier. I don't actually have templates for the flannelboards I make. Given the amount of detail on them I think they might be pretty confusing in template form. If you needed a larger image of the pieces to try and figure out a template of your own, I could get you that though.