Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ukulele: Snuggle Puppy Chord Chart

I'm starting a baby storytime soon and one book I'm very excited to use for it is Sandra Boynton's Snuggle Puppy. Of course, I wanted to learn how the song for the book went and the next step was to learn how to play it on the ukulele! This song uses some new chords that the other songs I've outlined so far do not:  A, A7, and D, in addition to the G chord that you already know. Here are the fingering charts for those chords:

Fingering charts from Coustii

Since I am now in the habit of making cute chord charts for all the songs I play in storytime, I had to make one for Snuggle Puppy too, even if it was a lot harder to fit the whole song on one page! The book does not have the repeat at the end of the chorus the second time it is sung, so that's how I made my chord chart so caregivers could read along with the book while I play.

Source: Snuggle Puppy song lyrics are by Sandra Boynton and the music is by Eric Stolz. Thank you to Christy Shink on the Librarians with Ukes Facebook group for providing me with the chords!

It's a little difficult to read the chords in the jpg image, but they are much clearer in the pdf version. Feel free to download the pdf from my Google drive and use it for your own storytimes if you would like!


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  2. Thanks so much! I just got the book for my grandson and I want to learn the song too! I play ukulele as well as his mom and my son plays guitar and uke.