Saturday, July 29, 2017

Flannelboard: Cats

If I come up with more rhymes and songs to go with this set, the post will be updated to reflect that. If you have ideas for other ways to use the set, please share!


I used this flannelboard for my cat storytime. I loved Stack the Cats so much that I based the cats for my flannelboard off of the illustrations for the book! I'd love to make even more cats in this style at some point so I can do the whole book as a felt story.

Songs, Rhymes, Games, and Fingerplays

“Five Little Cats”

Five little cats playing near the door, one ran inside and that left 4.
Four little cats underneath a tree, one heard a dog bark and that left 3.
Three little cats wondering what to do, one saw a little bird and that left 2.
Two little cats sitting in the sun, one ran to catch his tail and that left 1.
One little cat looking for some fun, he saw a butterfly and then there were none!

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