Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Flannelboard: Superheroes

Though nearly all of my flannelboards will be included in storytime write-ups, I wanted to highlight each individual board and its song or rhyme options in a separate post. If I come up with more songs and rhymes for a specific board, I will edit the post to include new options. If you have other ideas for how to use this set, please share!


This is a really fun flannelboard that can be used with a variety of rhymes, songs, and fingerplays. The kids loved it when I did my superhero storytime! They couldn't resist helping me make the little heroes fly off the board when it was time to do so! In the future I want to make five more heroes so I can do the "Ten Superheroes" rhyme with this board as well. I already have plans for what heroes I want to do. I like using already established superheroes as the basis for my costumes. Here we have Storm, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batgirl, and Batman. However, you could make up your own original hero designs too!

Tip: When making flannelboards that include human characters, try to have diversity in both skin color and gender. For this board I used a different color of felt for every skin tone.

Rhymes, Songs, Games, and Fingerplays

“Ten Superheroes”

(Tune: Ten Little Indians*)

One super, two super, three superheroes
Four super, five super, six superheroes
Seven super, eight super, nine superheroes
Ten heroes ready to fly!

Ten super, nine super, eight superheroes,
Seven super, six super, five superheroes,
Four super, three super, two superheroes,
One hero in the sky!

*The original song should definitely be avoided in storytimes. Some people even prefer to not use this tune at all. I think it is still a great tune for counting forwards and backwards from 10, but I will only use versions of the song with modified lyrics.

“Superhero Colors”

(Tune: Bubble, Bubble Pop)

Spoken: Heroes! Hey, heroes!
(Fly one hero over to the board and ask what color his or her cape is)

One superhero flying in his/her (color) cape,
Flying in his/her (color) cape,
Flying in his/her (color) cape.
Once superhero flying in his/her (color) cape.
Up, up, up, up, up, up, up away!

Verses: Repeat for each hero, substituting the appropriate cape color. Optionally, you can count how many heroes you have after each verse.

“Five Superheroes”

Five superheroes ready to fly,
(hold up five fingers on one hand)
Here comes a villain. Stop that guy!
(hold up one finger on the other hand, then shake as if saying no)
This superhero can save the day.
(hold up one finger and point to a hero on the board)
Off he/she flies – up, up, away!
(Take hero off of the board and make it "fly" away)

Verse: Count down to one


  1. More women heroes than men and they aren't all white folks. You are awesome.

    1. Thank you! I definitely try to add as much diversity as possible to my storytimes :)