Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Citing Sources

My blog started off as a series of Google Docs that were personal resources for planning storytimes. When I wrote those out, I didn't make note of where I got specific rhymes and songs since they just for personal use and planning. Now that I'm regularly converting those documents into public blog posts, I will try to be better about citing where I find any activities I use. As a librarian, I know I should be better about citing sources!

The next storytime post I do might not have that since I've already pretty much planned the storytime in my Google Docs, but hopefully starting next month! I will also try to start taking my own pictures of crafts, either my own examples or ones the kids make, instead of pulling examples from the various craft blogs I use. 

If I have time to go back through old posts, I'll try and find the sources and also take pictures of my own craft examples. I don't want to promise anything right now though since sifting through old posts may take a while!

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